Be Spirit Coaching💗

Your ticket to a free life - independent of other people or external circumstances

💗 Create a new life for yourself and separate yourself from everything that prevents you from being free, happy & fulfilled

💗 Recognize all your beliefs that do not serve you and transform them into positive thoughts

💗 Find out what the origin of your blockages is and dissolve them

💗 Learn to trust and love yourself and become free from external circumstances

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A life of freedom & fulfillment

I will show you all of this in the Be Spirit Coaching

Overcoming self-doubt and strengthening self-esteem

Our happiness goes hand in hand with our confidence in ourselves. If things on the outside do not correspond to what we would like, we are unhappy and allow ourselves to be sabotaged. We make sure that your self-worth is not dependent on external circumstances and that you are permanently at peace with yourself and feel good.

Recognize and transform beliefs & blockages

Beliefs and unconscious blocks are programmed into your subconscious. In many ways, they prevent you from living your true potential. Together we will recognize and transform them and you will immediately feel the relief. 
Your blockages make your life difficult – if you free yourself from them, your life becomes easy.

Understanding and changing thoughts & feelings

Our daily thoughts control our feelings. If we are trapped in negative feelings, it doesn’t seem feasible to change our thoughts. I’ll show you how to stop your thought carousel and focus your thoughts on the positive.

Do you also experience this in your life and in your everyday life?

You have worries, fears and negative beliefs that make every day difficult.

You are trapped in a merry-go-round of thoughts, everything seems to be against you and you only have negative experiences.

You have lost confidence in yourself and it feels as if you are an externally controlled plaything of life and are powerless…

This is now a thing of the past💗

💗 No more thought carousel: You will be able to stop the carousel in your head and feel clear thoughts again and change them into positive ones

💗 Free blockages at last: We identify and change your subconscious blockages that are holding you back from a fulfilled, free life

💗 Massive self-confidence & self-awareness: By dissolving all negative things, you will finally recognize your self-worth again and build a trust in yourself

💗 Goodbye negative beliefs: From now on, you will immediately recognize your negative, unhelpful beliefs and transform them into positive & helpful beliefs

💗 Emotional bliss & freedom: Finally, you are no longer dependent on external circumstances and experience self-determination and emotional freedom as a result

💗  Through my proven technique, you learn to deal with fear, no matter how bad and insurmountable it seemed to you so far

Are you ready to finally change your life?

Create a life of joy, freedom and fulfillment.

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Be Spirit – Be free, feel fulfillment, be happy – That is my mission

About Silvia Grupp

Growing up as a daughter in a family of entrepreneurs, I had not learned to develop my own self-worth. I only felt loved when I fulfilled the expectations of others and performed well.

Today I know that I was blocking myself. It was only when I was made redundant at the age of almost 50 that I realized that I had not yet understood and lived something important: Who I really am and what my potential is, and that I create my own life.

Now that I have successfully mastered this, I also help others to find their calling and live a life of joy, fulfillment and self-determination.

Your BeSpirit Coaching💗

Dates & Highlights 💫

Contents in detail

  • Video course with over 100 videos!
  • All the important information to reprogram your belief system
  • Recognizing your soul plan/calling
  • Releasing the pain body (subtle energy body where old traumas and triggers are located)
  • Special, powerful energy symbols and meditations to find & dissolve negative programming and beliefs
  • Recognize & delete old patterns & programming
  • Dissolve fears and phobias

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Your ticket to a free life

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