Free live workshop on January 20th, 2024 at 6 pm. CET

Vedic Astrology Workshop

Explore your innermost self and discover the secrets of your personality with the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology

🌟 This workshop offers you the opportunity to find out more about yourself. You will gain a deeper insight into your personality, your strengths and weaknesses and where you can find them in your horoscope

🌟 Immerse yourself in the universal knowledge expressed by the stars and take your spirituality to the next level

🌟 Learn how astrology can help you make better decisions in your life that are in line with your true life plan

This event is 100% free & without obligation

You will learn all about this in the workshop:

You will learn the meaning of the planets, the signs of the zodiac and the houses

I will show you how you can read your horoscope yourself and use it for your personal development

You will understand where you can find out more about your gifts, talents and your true purpose in the horoscope

How you can understand yourself better and how you can use the planetary and cosmic energies for your transformation

You will gain a first insight into your soul plan and your mission here on earth

After the workshop you will:

✨Know how to read your vedic horoscope, what the planets and houses mean

✨You will gain a deeper understanding of astrology and be able to understand the bigger picture

✨You will feel the deeper meaning in your life and how you can take your life to the next level with the stars

✨You will know more about your life path and why you have chosen it

✨You will be able to make important decisions in your life more easily by understanding the energies in your horoscope

This workshop is made for you if you:​



If you want to find out what opportunities Vedic Astrology offers you to learn more about yourself and gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses


Spiritual development: 

If you are searching and want to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and yourself and how astrology can enrich your life


Making decisions: 

Vedic Astrology offers you tools to make better decisions in your life. If you want to use these insights for your life to find out more about the right path for you

Your destiny:

With Vedic Astrology you can find out exactly what your true destiny is and how you can realize it – for a successful life


Guiding your destiny: 

Vedic Astrology helps you to understand more about why you face challenges in your life and how you can solve them


Harmonious relationships

Vedic Astrology helps you recognize who your right partner is and when and where to find them – how to deal with difficult relationships and whether it makes sense to stay in a relationship


This workshop is NOT for you if..

💫 You are not open and curious about the knowledge of the stars

💫 You are not ready to go into self-study and deal with the energies

💫 You want to use the knowledge of the stars to do ethically incorrect things

💫 You only want to have your personal horoscope interpreted by me, but are not really interested in gaining knowledge yourself

This event is just right for you if..

✬ You feel a deep connection of the stars – that there is something great waiting for you

 You are longing to learn more about the meaning of your life, why you’re here, what your unique gifts and gifts are for the world

✬ You might want to train as an astrologer to advise and help other people

✬ You would like to use the knowledge of astrology for client counseling/coaching in your field

✬ You want to recognize your soul plan and create a life of joy, self-determination and fulfillment

Let me show you how you can create and enchant your life in the most beautiful way.
Let the stars be your guides! 💫

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Learn about Vedic Astrology in the workshop and how you can read your horoscope to find out more about yourself and your destiny here on earth.

About Silvia Grupp

Silvia is a trained astrologer (Masters of Arts in Vedic Astrology, University of Vedic Astrology Joni Patry) and she shares her astrological knowledge with enthusiasm in her videos, predictions, trainings and webinars. Silvia has published some very accurate astrological predictions that have come true and show her deep and profound knowledge. She has already helped over a hundred people to learn astrology and use it successfully in their professional and private lives. She has even recently started offering a certified astrology training course, which takes 2.5 years and enables you to work as a qualified astrologer.

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This event is 100% free & without obligation