Create Your Happy And Fulfilling Life!

I help you – as a consciousness expert – to free yourself forever from your negative emotions, fears and blockages and show you how to manifest the life you long for with all your heart.

Within 3 months, you will free yourself from all your blockages, fears and negative perspectives – through my proven training method, which I have already used to help over 300 people to completely transform their lives. For more information, register without obligation:

A Life Of Freedom & Fulfillment

๐Ÿ’— Create the life of your dreams and separate yourself from everything that prevents you from being free, happy & fulfilled

๐Ÿ’— Recognize your negative beliefs that are not serving you and transform them into positive thoughts and feelings

๐Ÿ’— Find out what the root of your blockages is and dissolve it, so that nothing stands in your way again

๐Ÿ’— Learn to trust and love yourself and become free from dependencies and external circumstances

93% of all people are trapped in their old life and do not manage to manifest the life they want. They can’t find a way to permanently change their lives for the better.

It all starts with a decision. The decision for YOU.

Now is the time for you to completely transform your life into something more beautiful than you can even imagine. Full of inner and outer fulfillment, excitement and freedom.

Are you ready - to transform your life?

๐Ÿ’— Do you want to finally find your purpose, give your life a deeper meaning and find excitementย and fulfillment?

๐Ÿ’— Would you like to finally have more money, because there is nothing left at the end of the month and it is not enough for a fulfilling life?

๐Ÿ’— Would you like to finally get rid of the health problems that are weighing you down in your everyday life?

๐Ÿ’— Are you dissatisfied with your partner, do you feel not loved and appreciated?

๐Ÿ’— Would you like to finally find the partner who really loves you?

๐Ÿ’— You often feel energetically drained and exhausted and you want to finally get rid of your anxieties?

๐Ÿ’— Would you like to finally get to know your soul plan and use it to live your full potential?

That's all over now ๐Ÿ’—

๐Ÿ’— Never again a carousel of thoughts: You will be able to stop the carousel in your head and feel clear thoughts again and change them into positive ones

๐Ÿ’— Free yourself from all blockages: You will identify and change your subconscious blockages that keep you away from a fulfilled and free life

๐Ÿ’— Massive self-confidence & self-esteem: By dissolving all negative things, you will finally recognize your self-worth again and build confidence in yourself.

๐Ÿ’— Goodbye negative beliefs: From now on, you will immediately recognize your negative, unhelpful beliefs and transform them into positive & helpful beliefs

๐Ÿ’— Emotional bliss & freedom: Finally, you are no longer dependent on external circumstances and experience self-determination and emotional freedom as a result

๐Ÿ’— Free from fears & worries: Through my proven technique, you learn to deal with fear, no matter how bad and impossible it seemed to you before

What my participants say ๐Ÿ’—

Over 300 people have already taken this step before you

Ayla Jendrezey
Ayla Jendrezey
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I started the course to release my beliefs. I love the basic meditation and a lot of things in my life have changed.๐Ÿ˜ƒ I have learned to distinguish what my beliefs are and what my true self is. I have realized that everything is allowed to be and that everything is right. There is no good or bad, my view and feelings are decisive in how I experience something. I still have fears, but I no longer push them away, I listen to what they want to tell me.
Martina Frager
Martina Frager
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I felt both comfortable and challenged in the coaching group, but it was worth it! I finally know how to deal with stressful situations. I create the stress myself. The course made me realize where I need to start in order to really change something. And I've met more sensitive people on the course than ever before. ๐Ÿ’–
Michaela Schmidt
Michaela Schmidt
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I am deeply grateful that the universe has led me to you. For me, your presence not only means access to an immense wealth of knowledge, but above all a source of loving support and motivation. Through coaching, I have been able to resolve my deepest fears and those around me have given me so much positive feedback. I feel 20 years younger and have manifested my dream job as an animal communicator. I love my work. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Silvia! I can recommend your program to everyone without reservation.
Mirko Lukovic
Mirko Lukovic
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After the death of my wife, it was very difficult for me to get involved in a relationship again. Silvia helped me to learn to love myself and to understand that I had blocked myself and this had an impact on my children. Today I have found a new partner. We love each other and give each other the space we need. For me, having a family is the most precious thing I can imagine. Coaching has turned my life around 180 degrees. I couldn't have done it on my own.

About Silvia Grupp

Growing up as a daughter in a family of entrepreneurs, I had not learned to develop my own self-worth. I only felt loved when I fulfilled the expectations of others and performed well.

Today I know that I was blocking myself. It was only when I was made redundant at the age of almost 50 that I realized that I had not yet understood and lived something important: Who I really am and what my potential is, and that I create my own life.

Now that I have successfully mastered this, I also help others to find their calling and live a life of joy, fulfillment and self-determination.

Are you ready to change your life forever?

๐Ÿ‘‰ You’ve tried a lot of things, but nothing has really worked?

๐Ÿ‘‰ You haven’t managed to follow through with your decisions yet – either because you lack the will or the discipline

๐Ÿ‘‰ Manifestation hasn’t worked for you yet or you lack clarity about what you actually want

The only reason you haven’t done it yet is because you haven’t found a reliable method for releasing your negative beliefs, blocks and fears and thus clearing everything that hinders your power, will and clarity.

I will show you my proven methods and techniques and how over 300 people before you have already managed to completely transform their lives. Sign up now for an initial consultation.

How to proceed now ๐Ÿ’ซ

1. Release all your blockages, fears and negative beliefs

Before you can consciously manifest something positive, it is first important to release and heal the traumas and painful memories within you. We often react to others almost automatically and cannot control our feelings. That is why it is so important to release the pain body. This is sometimes the first thing we do together in coaching, to release your old pain body.

2. Find clarity and access to your soul plan

In your soul plan, you have defined what you want to experience in this earthly life. If you know your soul plan, then you know where you will find your purpose. Let’s discover your talents and gifts together, gain clarity to live your full potential.

3. Unleash your pure power of manifestation ๐Ÿ’ซ

Once you have mastered the first and second steps, it is now time to activate your creative power, your pure manifestation power. I will show you how to do this.ย 

Then nobody can stop you from finding and living your happiness in life.

After working with me, you will:

๐Ÿ’— You will know how to find negative beliefs in every moment of your life and easily resolve them using the methods you have learned. You will never be deceived or manipulated again – once you have learned these techniques

๐Ÿ’— You will live your inner strength and healthy self-confidence, with excitement and ease – and become a beacon for others to follow

๐Ÿ’— You will manifest the life that your soul, and therefore you, desire the most. You will know how to attract everything that serves you into your life, be it a loving partner, the right job, financial prosperity and a free life

๐Ÿ’— You will have the opportunity to lead a healthier and more happy life without experiencing suffering. We can’t always avoid pain, but pain no longer has to lead to suffering

Dates & Highlights ๐Ÿ’Ž

Content in detail

๐Ÿ’— Video course with all the important information to reprogram your belief system, giving you the most powerful tool for your personal transformation
๐Ÿ’— Learn to manifest your heart’s desires with my proven method and developed tools
๐Ÿ’— Recognize your soul plan and what your calling is
๐Ÿ’— Dissolve your pain body forever (subtle energy body where old traumas and triggers are located)
๐Ÿ’— Special, powerful energy symbols and meditations to find & dissolve negative programming and beliefs
๐Ÿ’— Delete old patterns & behaviors that do not serve you anymore
๐Ÿ’— Dissolve fears and phobias

Live Group Sessions

2 live group video sessions per month (weekly – there is one recording each)

Telegram Group

You can be very close to other participants in our private Telegram group.

Secure your place now

A life Of Freedom & Fulfillment

I will show you all of this in the Be Spirit Master Coaching

Overcoming self-doubt and strengthening self-esteem

Our happiness goes hand in hand with our confidence in ourselves. If things on the outside do not correspond to what we would like, we are unhappy and allow ourselves to be sabotaged. We make sure that your self-worth is not dependent on external circumstances and that you are permanently at peace with yourself and feel good.

Recognize and transform beliefs & blockages

Beliefs and unconscious blocks are programmed into your subconscious. In many ways, they prevent you from living your true potential. Together we will recognize and transform them and you will immediately notice a sense of relief.

Understanding and changing thoughts & feelings

Our daily thoughts control our feelings. If we are trapped in negative feelings, it doesn’t seem feasible to change our thoughts. I’ll show you how to stop your thought carousel and focus your thoughts on the positive.

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