Membership in our 💗 community – Experience the spiritual awakening

Membership in the Heart Community

Spirituality of the New Age

Experience the spiritual awakening

  • Access to astrological forecasts and energy updates
  • Monthly live coaching session
  • High-vibration energy transmissions for healing and liberation
  • Quarterly healing seminar with Silvia Grupp
  • Automatically renews for 1 year
  • Can be canceled at any time for the next renewal period

390,00  incl. Tax / year


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Get access to exclusive information and detailed forecasts

💎 Latest energy updates

💎 Astrological predictions with the analysis of all 12 ascendants

💎 Messages & important channelings from the spirit world

💎 Unknown and secret information about star beings

You will receive high vibrational energy transmissions and guided meditations

🌟 Astral meditations on higher dimensional beings and planets
🌟 Exclusive healing webinars included

I will show you how you

👉 can free yourself emotionally and mentally from your blockages

👉 can find your calling
👉 Tips and advice in our monthly live call

Become part of a unique community

As a member, you will have access to exclusive information, detailed forecasts on current energies and astrological constellations, monthly astrology updates with analyses of all 12 ascendants, important channelings and messages from the spiritual world, as well as secret information about star beings.

Astral travels to higher-dimensional beings and planets, emotional and mental liberation from blockages, and finding your true calling are also part of the membership.

In addition, you will have access to high-frequency energy transmissions and a monthly live coaching session, as well as a quarterly healing seminar.

Mediumship Certification Program

Awakening your medium abilities will transform your life completely. You will experience a life full of joy, love and fulfillment.

Vedic astrology Basic Program

Vedic astrology is the wisdom of the light. It is universal consciousness in its purest form.