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It is no coincidence that you have found this page. Your inner calling has led you here.

Become a part of our unique community and experience: the spirituality of the New Age.

Live your multidimensionality!

Free yourself from all blockages and negative programming for a self-determined, free and happy life.

Your uniqueness is the expression of your soul essence. Your heart is the gateway to all multidimensional levels of consciousness.

You can find my high-frequency programs, crystals and much more in my shop.


Mediumship Certification Program

Awakening your medium abilities will transform your life completely. You will experience a life full of joy, love and fulfillment.

Vedic astrology Basic Program

Vedic astrology is the wisdom of the light. It is universal consciousness in its purest form.


BeSpirit Master Coaching πŸ’Ž

Everything starts with a decision – it is the decision for YOU. Focus on your inner untapped strengths, your inner potential.

Experiences of my customers

"Silvia is very authentic, loving, and warm-hearted. She conveys the learning content in a understandable and effortless way. She helped me to recognize my potential. Since I started coaching with her, I have so many new clients that I can hardly keep up. That was THE big breakthrough for me!"
Denise KΓΌrt
"I am infinitely grateful to Silvia, through the training I began to receive more and more messages from the Spiritual World and now I am starting to work as a medium. There is nothing more beautiful in the world for me!"
Sabine Schneider
"With Silvia's help, I was able to dissolve my fear blockages in a very short time. Today, I know where I was standing in my own way. Her tools for releasing beliefs are fantastic, I can only recommend the course to everyone."
Melissa Fayek

Higher magic

Our life is magical. Many people are not aware of it, not aware of what they can truly achieve in their life.

Oracle cards

Let yourself be touched by the joy, the wisdom, and the high-frequency light of your star siblings that you will receive through the cards.

Crystal Pendant

With this special, energized pendant featuring an engraved heart symbol, you open up your inner, not-yet-realized soul potential.

Astral travel

Astral travel is not difficult – because we can use our light body to travel to other dimensions even during our waking state.


Gain access to exclusive information, detailed forecasts on current energies and astrological constellations, monthly astrology updates with analysis for all 12 ascendants, important channelings and messages from the Spiritual World, as well as secret information about star beings. Also included in the membership are astral travels to higher-dimensional beings and planets, emotional and mental liberation from blockages, and finding your life purpose. In addition, you will have access to high-vibrational energy transmissions and live coaching sessions. Take advantage of the monthly live coaching session and quarterly healing seminar.