Heart crystal Ø 28mm silver-orange ☀️ HIGH FREQUENCY

High Frequency Activation Crystal.

Quartz crystal pendant with engraving and energization

Color: Orange
Dimension: approx. 28 mm
Border: Sterling silver 925

With this special energized crystal pendant you activate:

☀️ Increases your own vibration, your frequency

☀️ It activates your full soul potential

☀️ It helps you to find and live your purpose, your inner calling and destiny

☀️ It helps you to release old wounds and pains (pain body release)

☀️ It activates the frequency of joy and lightness in you

☀️ The crystal vibrates in harmony with your healed, inner femininity

☀️ It helps you heal shame, guilt and sadness

☀️ It is the most beautiful and easiest way to raise your frequency

You will receive this pendant with a special energizing meditation to activate its power especially for you.

Attention! Unfortunately, the pendant can only be delivered to Germany and Austria due to import regulations and applicable precious metal laws of other countries. For Switzerland, an order can be made to a Constance postal address (within Germany).

360.00 $ incl. Tax

Delivery time: 2-5 days

Availability: In stock

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